Build a single city we can all live in

Hey there,

I had an idea that we should build a large city where we all live. It would have a lower area of small plots for newer players like me to set up shop and get started, a larger area for older rich players to have plots, an area for factories/farms, an area for housing, and all the other things cities need. I was looking for players that could help me out on this or were interested in doing this. This server seems so spread out and I feel it would help if we all lived and did stuff relatively close together rather than 10k blocks apart. I can never find front row or good plots for sale in any city I went too and this would hopefully change that help put all the active stuff in one place. Thanks for reading

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What you’re saying does seem sensical with the amount of players that come on every day we shoudn’t be so spread out but the fact is that this server was designed for like 6x the people that currently play right now. So it makes sense for the people we have now to live close together but the goal is to attract more players again so that the world is more dense. We can’t just get rid of everyone’s city and only use one, we have too much server history. While condensing our server down to a smaller size may be an easier solution than trying to find more players, it is a much more permanent solution to a temporary problem like low playercount.


Agree :grinning: :grinning: