Bring Back Events

Hello fellow HM players,

I recall a time where one could play amazing events and never be bored. I am looking for events to be brought back to the server! I feel like there aren’t many happening at all (and no hate to staff I know it is a lot of work for people to get together).

I suggest that there should be an event every week at the same time. Maybe a Saturday at like 12pm or something like that. I also think these events should be classic and fun like the hunger games, mob pit, fake city pvp event, werewolf event, ect!

If it is too much work for current staff (which is alright if it is), I suggest the staff team look into hiring an Events Manager that would be in charge of running events! I have seen it work for other servers. Preferably someone who is familiar with events and staff stuff.

Thanks for the consideration!

I tried to pay staff to do this but the reality is nobody wants to host events other than me and maybe a couple other people, but I dont have the consistency to host every week at a specific time. Its not too much work for staff, people definitely have time to do it, we just need to have more staff host.

Alot of non-staff have given interest in hosting events, one solution would be to create a event department role and give associated perms through a govmode command. I’m fine with offering a payscale for that as well.

We have a number of events ready to go, Scifi Deathmatch just got fully re-coded with its own rare set as a reward through stardust, skywars is always working like a charm, anyone can host either of those. We also have a race track which I designed to host car racing events but nobody ever used that. I would be open to designing and making more weekly event games if people just stepped up and hosted them.

Feel free to DM if you need to discuss.

Event payscale for staff has been 2500 anytime, or 5000 on fridays, rpd hosted 3 times. This is still a staff rule that any mod can do, they just have to post in staff-event-payments in the discord.

I’d like to note im also still committed to seasonal events. The summer market is about to launch this weekend, and the xmas event will be making a full return this year with new rares. I am still undecided about a halloween event however im sure I can pull something off.

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