Book Museum

Hey, I do not want to join the HM discord again after being booted, however, i want to donate my book collection (around 8 shulkers) to someone more interested in the server. I know many people have book collections like mine such as Richie, Spartan (iblorb), etc however, I want mine be publicly avaible through a museum or something. Looking for someone to do that for me, I can put money to it too btw.

Sidenote; i have a shit ton of rares im willing to donate to people (wanting to do a quest like Som/Cedric did like 5 years ago) any ideas for that will be appreaciated.

Anyways, comment below or hit me up on discord idont care!


Contacted u at discord :slight_smile:

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curious if anythings come from this yet? would love to check the collection out in game

Yes, but I havnt done anything yet, msg me on discord and we can find a time to check it out.