Block me from entering Ultra's casino

Pls, it kinda sends me into a loophole whenever I go there and i normally lose all my money. Its a problem, and if I’m just blocked from entering via entry deny it would be a big help. Ty.


This is the best forums post I’ve seen

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LOL same here. You just gotta get some self control.

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Deposit ur money in an Agora Gamblers Bank Account

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1 Week So Far and I havn’t visited the casino! Progress Boys!

I did and spent 20k lol

Alternatively u can take a loan from me and maybe the extra cash could push you towards winning big o-o

Yea, I can run a ponzi scheme!!! Take more loans to repay you so I can continue my gambling addiction!

Good job! Just don’t get any loans…

bro you can cure urself from this addiction really easy like I did :v

Do not gamble, if needed we can delete the warp - casino is NOT a way to make money. Only for entertainment for mature individuals.

it’s a perfect way for the government to make money though, and a way for the rich to spend. never remove the warp lmao we need the gov to make money through actual sources of income not /eco give


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that too, any source of income is good but especially now that starting bal will be higher

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imo casino rates arent that terrible in terms of what it takes vs what it pays out. Its just not beneficial to do, you will loose money most of the time. I repeat do not gamble.

If u gamble u need to go big :slight_smile: