Bayview Evictions #1


User: macatto
plot: bv06
Inactive 3+ months.

User: Spellbind4201
plot: bv03-04
Inactive 6+ months.

User: Spellbind4201
plot: bv01
Inactive 6+ months.

User: Mypuppyrue
plot: bv19
Inactive 2+ months.

User: PoipleBear, X_KillerHunny_X, zootlander
plot: bv31
Inactive 7+ months, 2+ months, 16+ months.

User: Tyler15390
plot: bv30
Inactive 2+ months.

User: Oliverlaraman
plot: bv24
Inactive 15+ months.

User: mimt88
plot: bv22
Inactive 20+ months.

User: Akimaki2009, Bedwars_nokedli
plot: bv15-16
Inactive 4+ months, 14+ months.


Just to let you the admins know I approve of this post he was helping me run the city.

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