Ban: vortxhuntr

Player: vortxhuntr
Staff: richie_rich123, Endershack, rest of staff
Reason: Exploiting Alt Accounts
Bantime: Permanent ban, appeal after 3 months


We found 6+ alts (there were more that we weren’t sure participated):

Vortx was tranferring money to the alts via ancient debris chestshops:

Three of the alts bought 34 ancient debris, the exact amount richie_rich found at the chestshop.

The logout location of one of the alts for instance was at the chestshop:

The 34 Ancient debris, originally purchased from aramega:

Some more logs from arakorni89’s chestshop history:

All of this money was used to gamble. Whenever one account went broke, we suspect another alt was used to log in and exploit the F10,000 starter money.

We estimated that 60k is the minimum, and the exploited money could range from 60-100k through other alts or added leverage from gambling winnings, so we rounded up to a 90 day ban with an appeal required (F90,000 / F1,000 = 90 days). I also had confronted vortxhuntr about their affiliation with one of the alts, and they had said it was their relative, so there was little cooperation or honesty shown. This is the reasoning for the appeal being required in this case.