Ban: Spiderpig2323

Player: Spiderpig2323
Staff: Arakorni89, nightemperor
Reason: Avoiding afk-kick
Bantime: 7 days + 5x 20% increase for each previous ban = 14 days

Using any method to avoid becoming AFK while not playing actively will result in a 1 week ban.

A 20% increase in total ban time will be applied for:
Each ban the player has had before the latest one.

Spider has been told not to avoid afk-kick and been warned on 3th of January by MentalGamer, yet he continues his activities regardless. Spider is using an auto reconnector.
In the video you can see the amounts of his SF dusts increasing in the fluffy barrels, so he is doing afking to at least run his SF setup. Video evidence of afking.:

After standing in the same spot for over fourty minutes, spider is teleported to another location at 9:26.

Spider then logs off from the server at 9:40 and rejoins quickly after. He stays in the same position and doesn’t move. This proves that he can’t have rejoined himself but is using an auto reconnecor.