Ban: Kiterberg

Player: Kiterberg
Staff: Arakorni89
Reason: Category 5 grief
Bantime: 5 months

Griefing destruction will be categorized into one of five categories. Category 1 means that only a few blocks are damaged, and Category 5 means that at least one large structure has been completely destroyed. The punishments are:

· Category 1: a 1 week ban
· Category 2: a 3 week ban
· Category 3: a 1 month ban
· Category 4: a 3 month ban
· Category 5: a 5 month ban

· If a player is found to have damaged property that is not structural (i.e. animals and pets, items, etc.), the punishment will be determined to be either stealing or griefing, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The player decided to quit and leave a legacy. This legacy is a lava-cobble monstrosity that is partially embedding Rolling Hills and entirely covering at least one building there.