Ban: _DJDoodle_

Player: DJDoodle
Staff: Joint Staff
Reason: A myriad of reasons as will be explained, formerly permabanned.
It is not allowed to excessively insult, troll, swear, or send spam.

· There is a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harassment.

· This includes discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and other personal qualities.
· This also includes harassment in the form of sharing personal/private information, sharing inappropriate/illegal links, falsifying information, sexual harassment, encouraging violence, etc. involving any member of the community.
· This will also be enforced outside of official community platforms and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Back in the days, Doodle was banned for overt racism and other unpleasant displays towards multiple players , we unbanned Doodle later on the merit of him having changed. We did this with a probation period which later on got removed. Regardless, he has continued his foul behaviour towards multiple players and staffmembers relentlessly.

One of the more recent reports against Doodle can be found here:

We take the matter of bullying very serious, there is a difference between jesting and teasing but with Doodle there seems to be a repeated pattern of “I like to make people upset” as stated here today after yet another rant full of insults and overall toxic behaviour.

Despite being told multiple times to change his attitude and language he can’t seem to help himself.


Doodle is overall petulant and belittling and doesn’t add any value whatsoever to the community. Any value that he did add in the past (and that we do acknowledge) isn’t really worth the continuous toxic behaviour.

Next up is a case that we sadly can’t reveal much of due to it’s disturbing nature but it boils down to very inappropriate behaviour towards a player that made them very uncomfortable.

All these things added up along with another reminder that Doodle was only unbanned on merit of him having changed as a person is enough for us as staff to permaban him with no chance of appeal.

We thank him for the work he did for us in the past but we can no longer allow this player to be here, we need to keep up to our standards.