Ban appeal GreyHat97

Ban appeal
Username: GreyHat97
I have been banned for “racial slurs and harassment” but it seems to me that there is no proof of the actions. In terms of “racial slurs” it seems that somebody had found zombies in a iron farm I made named certain racial slurs. Theu just happened to be some where I had once owned a region and there is no proof that I named any zombies with a racial slur

In terms of harassment, one comment was made in a voice chat, with multiple other people making similar jokes, I had apologized for what I had said.

There are plenty of players on this server that get in trouble for worst things with actual verifiable proof, and they dont even get this bad of a sentence, I’m not asking to be immediately allowed to come back, but atleast have a date set that I’ll be allowed to come back, I have played on this server for over 7 years, and I’m not sayin I’ve been perfect, just that we have people on here that still are allowed to come back despite multiple violation of the rules

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Do you have a link to the ban page?

i mean im gonna defend mike, jen, ect. because they are what i consider friends, however hm shouldnt be responsible for out of server events, specifically ones like these. if you dont like how someone is conducting themselves in a private, off-server call, just leave it. its not staffs responsibility to deal with it unless it carrys over to hm. imo thats not unreasonable

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but that being said the villagers are not cool bro, u deserve what u get for that

I totally agree its not cool, but like I stated it was not my doing, Ender has even said he couldnt it prove they were mine and it was only because they were in a iron farm I used to have regioned, and Ender had said that they can’t prove it, I take full responsibility of what I did do, but not for what I didnt’t do, I do belive that was also removed from the ban topic, not 100% sure tho. I do belive and undersstand what I did do was wrong, just not worthy of the punishment issued

Bro you had zombies named the N word and similar. You can lie about it and say you didn’t but several of us saw it

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Unless you have verifiable proof that I psychially named those zombies that then it would be better for you to stay quiet, they were in an area I used to own, but there is no proof that I named them that, Im not going to have somthing like that where anybody and everybody can find it

Regardless of who named them, they were in your possession.

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I have literal logs of you apologizing for harassing me & don’t worry staff has them too. Nasty ass doesn’t belong on this server.

I deleted the twitch stream because you made me beyond uncomfortable & I wasn’t going to keep a video of that on the internet for everyone to see. My friends, boyfriend, and family have access to my twitch. That’s just embarrassing for me. You don’t joke about what you were repeatedly saying. You were desperate and gross I hope staff keeps you banned indefinitely.

Your “joke” wasn’t laughed at by anyone and multiple people in the call were ignoring you/telling you to stop. Including me.

Edit: I was streaming HelloMiners , for the purpose of having fun with friends and using it to advertise HM. All my HM streams get sent to Aya for payment. Also this:

There is a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harassment.

· This will also be enforced outside of official community platforms and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

You knew I was recording, and still chose to say what you said.


I mean they weren’t as I no longer owned the region at which time litteraly anybody could come there and change the names

· This will also be enforced outside of official community platforms and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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This is my general objection, not specific to this topic though

ahem just going to drop this here.
If it is what I think it is based off that ban message on Discord, then it is likely Sexual Harrassment.

I’m sure you are aware it is illegal, at least morally in most countries.


cough cough f**k off