ban appeal fluffythebunnyx

Hey everyone, im appealing my perm ban. Tbh im not 100% sure of what i was banned for because it was 3 years ago now (february 2020) and done by magnus (who i believed got kicked from admin after a while). The time around my ban was very confusing and I wasn’t even given a reason at the time, it came out of nowhere. I guess just general inappropriate behavour at the time? However that was 3 years ago when i was like 14 and I have changed a lot since then and i’m sorry if at the time i caused distress to anyone that wasnt my intention. I’d like to play again and look at whatever of my stuff is left and see how the server changed i have had a lot of memories on this place and I have no interest in causing harm.

this is what comes up when i try join the server:


If it was a magnus ban, then most likely it can be rolled back. However I will have to check with maki and staff to make sure there are no outstanding conditions or criteria that would warrant a perma ban. A decision will be posted in this topic after a few days, if not feel free to message me on discord or other admins. Jonathan#7132


I regret to inform you that staff have come to a consensus and have voted 9 votes to seven to deny your appeal. This does not bar you from appealing again in the future, however the opinion is not likely to change. Your original ban topic I am not going to get into here, however staff have a zero tolerance policy towards certain actions of members in the community. This should be outlined in the rules topic.

Administration feels that to be concurrent with other perma-bans, your ban should be upheld due to its nature. You were unbanned when we switched from spigot to bungee which reset all bans, this was in error when maki banned you as per your evidence.

Some chat logs were posted and considered in the appeal and will not be released publicly. If you want additional reasoning or evidence related to the ban please message an admin or technician through discord, if you use it (some users may not respond directly through the forums) and it can be discussed further there.