[Auction] Triple Spawner

Hello all, today I will be auctioning off a triple spawner. 6k is the land price the region sits on so that is why it is the starting price. Message me if you have any questions/concerns. Thanks!

Auctioning: Triple Spawner
Coordinates: X: -7730 Y: 26 Z: 6679
Seller: SouthSlice


  1. No editing or cancelling bids.
  2. The winner must have the money when the auction is over. Otherwise, the bidder will be fined 10% of their bid and the next highest bidder will win.
  3. The auction may be called off at any time by a staff member.
  4. Each bid must include the bidder’s username.
  5. Each bid must increase by at least 10% higher than the last.
  6. The auction will end 24 hours after the most recent valid bid.
  7. Banned players may not bid.
  8. Please stay on topic.

The bidding starts at: F6000

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Still available?


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I messaged you in-game.