(Atlas Store) Open with the cheapest prices

Atlas is happy to announce that we are opening our shop officially. We are a small company trying to make a big difference in the world of retail. We currently sell most basic goods ranging from concrete, wood products, terra-cotta, glass, snow, exp, nether items, and more with plans to add every item in the game in the long run.

Prices (Does not include all items)
Concrete - 35f for White, Light Gray, Gray, Black; 30f for others a stack
Terracota - 25f for all colors a stack
Glass - 18f for all colors a stack
EXP Bottles - 74f a stack
Bricks - 15f for 10
Quartz - 3.5f per block
Smooth Quartz - 4f per block
Wool - 20f a stack
Fireworks III - 15f a stack
Cooked Porkchop - 6f a stack
Logs - 32f a stack

How to get there?
/warp airport and click Argos

Head to the subway in the airport

Click Downtown

Head for the building to the right

Shop :smiley:


doesn’t unbox own a company called atlas