Argos International Airport Application

City Name: Argos
Tier: 6
Coords - -1428/75/651
Land Value - 8,000,000 forsals (Nation as a whole)
Owners: Monrah, Natedogg723, EliteMoosh

Note* - Some of the Trees and Subway entrance still under construction
Note* For some other details go to airport coords

A large terminal building

> · Must be at least 750 blocks in surface area. Yes
> · Must have at least two security checkpoints: one for arrivals and one for departures. These should be one-way only and clearly labelled. Yes
> · Must have at least one gate which leads onto the taxi/runway area Yes
> · Must have a check-in area, a seating area, and be nicely decorated. Yes

· At least one hangar Yes

> · Must be at least 10 by 15 blocks in dimension, and not taller than the terminal. Yes
> · At least two runways Yes
> · Must be at least 9 by 39 blocks in dimension, and should have a 4:1 ratio of length to width. Yes (each 100x23)

· A traffic control tower

> · Must be taller than the terminal Yes
> · Must have windows at the top and have a realistic control room Yes

· The region must be at least 2000 blocks in surface area, and the airport’s buildings should fit the city and environment and look realistic. Yes

· The airport should be connected to a main road in the city. Yes

· The airport should have a parking lot and/or pickup/drop-off point for vehicles. Yes, it has a pickup/drop-off along the main road constructed to be in front of the entire airport (Holograms Detail where)

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Thank you for your application.

We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with the response from our team.

It has come to our attention that this airport has been schematic printed.

The airport application therefore is denied.

Details here - Ban: EliteMoosh

You are expected to either:

  • Redesign the airport

  • Rebuild the airport, and I’ll get staff to check for cheating.