[Archendale] Inactivity Eviction - 06.11.23

Archendale - Evictions topic - Horizon Falls | 6.11.23

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Plot: hf5
Owner: Icypenguin79 & Its_ThatAlienGuy

Plot: hf6
Owner: B0yW0nder, Galush_, NotYourAvgCow, drewdude18

Plot: hf7
Owner: Allow, B0yW0nder, Sam_Drody, TinyPuppy123

Plot: hf12
Owner: Galush_, ThatKidCam, drewdude18 (GaminLion)

Plot: hf14
Owner: Well_Actually

Plot: hf15
Owner: ColaFan2006

Plot: hf16
Owner: TheIz7_, mikejohnlewis2

Plot: hf18
Owner: SimplyEpic

Plot: hf20
Owner: ReggieM

Plot: hf21
Owner: philip0324

Plot: hf22
Owner: Galush_, drewdude18, kiarkk

Plot: hf23, hf25, hf26, hf27, hf28, hf29, hf31, hf33. hf34
Owner: Galush_, drewdude18

Plot: hf30
Owner: Galush_, HenrikRyan2006, drewdude18

Plot: hf32
Owner: jeffzach

Plot: hf35
Owner: scrollolz

Plot: hf36
Owner: Canadiankid5273

Plot: hf37
Owner: GamerGodLogan7, Jjb_bjJ, Talizu

Plot: hf38
Owner: Galush_, drewdude18, troper4000

Plot: hf39
Owner: supermagicalplay

Plot: hf40
Owner: MightyGovernment

Plot: hf42. hf43
Owner: spencerhawns

Plot: hf44
Owner: Talizu

Plot: hf46, hf82
Owner: jimjohnets

Plot: hf47
Owner: Yiery

Plot: hf48, hf49
Owner: TiYfiVE

Plot: hf50

Plot: hf51
Owner: philip0324

Plot: hf52, hf69
Owner: Jinkeys

Plot: hf53
Owner: Abomination_1234

Plot: hf54
Owner: pp1859

Plot: hf57
Owner: hazie_kitty

Plot: hf59
Owner: Alflow, Galush_, TinyPuppy123, drewdude18

Plot: hf61
Owner: Top_secretgaming

Plot: hf62
Owner: Galush_

Plot: hf71
Owner: koolcities11

Plot: hf72, hf73
Owner: Everton06

Plot: hf74
Owner: Apetryne509, stianrullandei

Plot: hf76, hf77
Owner: Evertonn06, Gsmash73

Plot: hf79, hf104
Owner: lesbiahn

Plot: hf83
Owner: Rosey1a2b, TaedyPlayz

Plot: hf84, hf87
Owner: zaxinvex

Plot: hf85
Owner: RheniumGames, m1s

Plot: hf86
Owner: Mr_SweFish

Plot: hf88
Owner: CrafterKingmigy

Plot: hf94
Owner: pp1859

Plot: hf98

Plot: hf103
Owner: Sugar_Kitten7

Plot: hf105
Owner: zmontana

Plot: hf117. hf120
Owner: TinyPuppy123

Plot: hf131, hfsub13
Owner: RheniumGames

Plot: aptproject1
Owner: Ademize, Alsterius, Galush, TinyPuppy123

Plot: hfmega2
Owner: Abomination_1234, RheniumGames

Plot: hfsub3
Owner: Kwikstorm16

Owner: Mr_Potato56

Plot: hfsub5
Owner: krigsykdom

Plot: hfsub7
Owner: Lugia595

Plot: hfmega3
Owner: ARDash152004

All plots shown above are evicted for Inactivity as per City Rules.

Horizon Falls City Rule 5 “Inactivity of 2+ months result in an automatic eviction.”

Thanks to the staff team!

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as to properly resolve a helpme, I’ve chosen to approve the eviction of all plots relevant to it and none others, as I need to move on with other helpmes. The plots I approve the eviction of are:


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