Aramega 6 years and rambling

Hello all,

Last month Aramega turned 6. I was going to throw some kind of a party but couldn’t figure out anything interesting and didn’t have drive/energy to put the effort in. Sorry about that, maybe next year!

There was Horizon Awards again and I won, cheers! Thanks Edge and customers! I would have been there but I was out of town at a relative’s graduation party.

After I reached that 150 days login streak I decided to have a bit of a break from HM. I bought some other games (Satiafactory, Factorio) and I have been playing them a little. I have learned that it’s quite relaxing to play single player games every so often. During this six weeks of inactivity hasn’t been just full of playing other games tho. There’s an ever increasing amount of work both in my professional life and home life too. Honestly most evenings I have been too tired to play anything at all.

I think I have an unhealthy relationship to HM, and that’s mostly due to my obsession to keep Aramega stocked. It used to fill me with satisfaction to stock it but these days it’s been more like a thing I just do as a routine without getting anything from it (except forsals lol). I sometimes catch myself thinking that there’s this and that project at home or in Paradise Hills that I need to do, or just enjoy the summer but I can’t because I need to keep the shop stocked. It’s not good. I will have to reduce the time I spend to stock the shop by quite a bit. There will be no more daily stocking. I’ll probably will cut some items completely from my stocking run, and just do those items that I like to gather most. Some item prices will probably jump to reduce the demand, but the good side of that is that the sell price will be high too.

This didn’t turn out to be a well structured post but I think I have said what needed to be said. I won’t be going anywhere, there are far too many projects in HM that I actually want to do :D.

Thanks for reading!