An update on me

Hey as you know I’ve been working hard this past year on pushing a lot of content for hm and I just wanted to give an update on where I’m at.

Event hub launched and it was a good base to start off of. Roleplay jobs need more variety and the demo job needs to be recoded with 1.19. I need rare and fish name ideas, send them to me and if they’re good I can work on adding some.

1.19 was delayed due to a huge number of reasons but I’m planning on doing a smaller content drop for october 1st.

I’m working on a ton of projects right now, CB Estates is almost done and ready to action off plots, they need to be regioned and have more custom trees put up before I can draft an auction topic.

Spartans vineyard is another rp job that was meant to drop with 1.19 however it doesnt look like it will get done until December at the earliest. The castle and wine making rooms are built, but coding the jobs and creating variety will take a very long time, maybe 30 mins per guest times 10 or 15 quests. On average then more decor has to be added around the area. If anyone could do some minor decorating to blend it a bit more that would save me maybe 4 hours.

Shrines are my top priority right now and the biggest challenge is getting the mobs to physically work. We have fully switched over to denizen and learning it from scratch has proven to be incredibly frustrating. However a month of getting nowhere had gone by and we are starting to see a few working mobs now. Forest knights kingdom is working and needs its drops overhauled, the hive has had its mobs setup and ready to go but we have a massive amount of errors for them still, drop tables and balancing hasn’t happened either. Once I have these shrines up other ones should go faster cuz we are coding the templates for as many mobs as possible then we can add skills to them later. Aya is working hard to debug some of the scripts.

With shrines should come the head hunters guild rp job which is a defeat and collect job. Its sorta setup but shrines aren’t ready for it yet so it’s in limbo. This should make it into the 1.19 patch.

Halloween event is making progress slowly I dont want to spoil it for those of you who dont already know. The biggest hurdle here is the amount of really cool mobs that need to be completed to have this work. I am using the tech we are building from shrines and basically trying to do the same thing for this event. Itll either be really really good, or bore you after 5 minutes. Guess we will find out.

4k is working on octoberfest. I have no time to even look at it right now however if they can get the basics done, and I can get the Halloween event and shrines out of the way in time then we will see that event run as well most likely overlapping halloween or see one delayed so they run back to back.

We added two new trials this month congrats to vikron and jen.

Christmas event will be a re-run of last years however with entirely new bosses and items to keep it fresh. Hopefully with 12 bosses this time and more key drops.

Ryan is working hard in the suburbs and we are seeing huge progress over there. When we go to 1.19 we will have a system in place to automatically find new players apartments in the suburbs through either a npc or a command then noobs can basically just keep pressing next until they find a house they like.

I hear your demands for a companies plugin I have a general idea of what I want to do but I physically can not do anything until 1.19 and Halloween is done with. Company chestshops will never be a thing even with the companies plugin it’s not possible.

Dont forget to grab a summer market stall.

Kom is doing amazing as Instagram lead, but we need to be more welcoming to new players if we want to grow the server. A new tutorial is also on my mind but I physically cant right now.

I’ve been taking the last two months off school to work on hm and try to get 1.19 done at the minimum and I’m really feeling burnt out. I understand how things are but I genuinely feel like I’m in this alone; I just want to see some of this work actually have an effect on the playerbase.
I also do not appreciate certain players trying to frustrate me into quitting because trust me I’ve thought about it. We need to actually come together as a community and figure out what we want in general. The hm Senate is a great start.

What I need? General feedback helps a lot. Like I know most of the rp jobs we have now work, that’s cool, but feedback on the payout vs how long it takes to do them would be helpful, like is fishing too high a payout? Is ironball not worth doing because the pay is so low? I want to know what will get you to physically do them and make them interesting for you. Because then itll be interesting for new players.

I’m not going to be re-reading this for errors I’m sure you can figure it out.