Alexandria Airport Application

City Name: Alexandria

Owners: Endershack

Coordinates for Transport Items: 7104 2676

Land Value: F1,076,090
alxbusiness- F507,990
alxentertainment- F290,450 (291200-750 overlap with alxbusiness)
alexandria- F146,265
alxvillas- F61,200
alxggbridge- F41,580
trireme1- F14,805
alxisland1- F13,800

Tier: 2

Infrastructure Type: Airport


Thank you for your application.

The Infrastructure Department has begun reviewing this application and will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours.

It has been roughly 24 hours, however all department staff (and 1 hm staff member) have been accounted for.

3 for approval. 2 for disapproval.

Your airport has been approved, but these are the reasons for the 2 for disapproval.

“Real airports have separate security lines for departures and arrivals and have border gate agents at the line, not separate from the line.”

Topic to be locked. If you wish to dispute this, or have questions - please open a ticket in the infrastructure discord.