Add stock market plugin.

This stock market plugin is really cool, wont be heavy on the server and allow players to trade real life stocks. This will enhance the economy aspect of the server.

All info is in the description of the video.

That’s a big no from me. It has jackshit to do with HM’s economy and it’s just another way for the wealthy to increase inflation


I have to agree, adding a stock market plugin that is based around a real life economy serves no benefit to the HM economy.


I don’t want to have PTSD after the bitcoin incident.


I have to admit, it would be very cool in terms of roleplay, but it would not help our economy whatsoever.


Yeah I agree, it would be cooler to host a stock market competition with a paper-trading website… I think I have an idea lol.

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I’m all for some sort of stock market on HM, plug-in or not, but with HM companies, not irl ones. Doing it with irl companies just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t see what purpose it may serve.