Absence from Hm for a while

Hi its me 4K606, if you have not seen, ive been online in almost two weeks. Just letting you know I probably wont be online until late August because Im taking a break. Break isnt solely on being burnt out from Hellominers, however, Hm has become pretty repetitive lately, especially since the grinding jobs have been added.

Anyways… If you need to contact me, just msg me on discord or @ me. Ill hopefully respond sometime soon.

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Update on this post: I think its locked or something that’s why I cannot edit it however, I have a small little announcement, thought I would make it here.

Hellominers is addicting, I’ve played it for four years almost non stop, I’ve met friends and shared memories with them on the server. Life is more important than HM, though, considering its Minecraft and after my one month plus hiatus I’ve come to a decision; its time for me to become less active, and focus with more on living life. Hellominers is addicting, don’t get me wrong, however, life is more addicting when you get to enjoy it. When I become an old man, I am going to be kicking myself why I didn’t enjoy life when I thought staring at a dumb ass monitor for hours each day was more enjoyable. When I joined Hellominers back in Febuary 14th, 2017, it was because a friend convinced me to buy minecraft and join this server, specifically. My irl friend quit before 2018, however, I continued to play on Hellominers afterwards despite his lack of interest in it. I just need more time in life to rebuild my friendships that I should’ve kept and focus more on becoming successful- getting a job that I enjoy or whatever I may do.

With all that being said, I will still play Hellominers on occasion, and I will be lending all my properties/regions to people who want to use them. Just msg me on discord and we will sent up a time and date where I’ll show you around and give you access (no stealing/griefing lol). Some things I got are cities, bases, rares (for borrowing- pay if you break pls) and like two city plots if you want them. Oza btw, I will still build you that spawner nether farm in like two years once nether decision is made. On a last note, I would like to conclude that I positive towards the changes happening in hellominers. There is resistance to these changes, however, it isn’t good to look at hellominers as if it is static or look at hellominers at a past static state. Ex: The good ol days… The staff team are not paid and obviously want the best for the server, despite the owner, who could rather care less not to join for years or ever play an hour on the server for over five years. Good Luck to you all, have fun, and enjoy living ~4K606


Damn been wondering where you’ve been