A very controversial suggestion about warps

Airport Warp
  • We should remove /warp a (read the rest of the post first)
  • We should keep /warp a (read the rest of the post first)

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So me and doodle have been talking before a couple months ago in VC about the idea of possibly removing /warp airport and completely dissolving the idea of being able to access it from anywhere on the map. One of the ideas that allows us to work towards that warp being removed is encouraging travel via mainly regional airport connections, nether tunnels, train station, etc. Less importantly ports (fka docks), subways, helipads etc.

So here’s the main thing - transportation at first would be REALLY annoying - especially for people who do work in the wild - you’d have to know where cities are and if they connect to the government cities - you’d also might want a sethome in a gov city as well. Let me weigh some pros and cons,theres probably more to add but this is all i can think of:

Pros (in the context of the good of the server as a whole, not the individual):
-Transportation Department serves a vital role in the server
-Cities (Private in particular) have increased value in them due to traffic for people needing a connection to a gov city
-Nether tunnels could see more traffic and investment/spending (drives down inflation)
-Increased player spending on getting city transportation approved (drives down inflation)
-More interconnected city dynamic, more collaborations similar to what SUD is doing

Cons (most of these are individual based, and have a learning/adaptation curve):
-Harder to get around than before
-You’ll be spending money on transportation, but so will everyone else
-?? Idk what else

Some things that might need to be done to do this: HM needs a central train station so that train stations are fully ready, right now they are a bit incomplete. This is in the works at the moment but I want to see if you’d like this idea (or dont like the idea) is there anything we should be doing to make a change like this as easy as possible?

Sorry for such a messy post idrc about making this look nice

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i think its important to note that it would increase traffic to ALL private cities drastically.

cities would be used as connections to the wild for players to use their airports or subways to get into helloclan and then back out into the wild again. this means, say youre building in the wild, youll travel to the closest city to “fly” into helloclan to buy more supplies.

sethomes still exist, and if you have premium (which most people do), it can get negate some of the issues. furthermore the nether is going to have much more traffic and private cities will have a massive boost again.

getting people to use private cities is why we removed all warps in the first place, this is the same thing

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And let me just explain that the whole point of this is to stimulate economic ROLEPLAY and city ROLEPLAY. These two can work with each other with this suggestion and for the past couple of years, economic roleplay has been the main dominant role in the server. Competing for government plots and then selling stuff. Earning money and buying stuff at first but later doing practically nothing with it. That has led to inflation, which in the context of how the server is perfoming, is BAD. Tedde added a government city at the start because it would kickstart the economy and businesses. Player made cities would take a lot more time to make than using creative/worldedit. So it was convenient to do so. Lets talk more about conveniency. Warps are super convenient. They’re also super relied upon. Are private cities convenient to make right now? Maybe more right now than 6 months ago, but the answer for the past couple years has been no. Are private cities a neglected aspect of our economy? Yes. The only time people have NEEDED to open up a private city shop is when they could not afford a government city shop. This overly concentrated focus on interacting with a non-player owned city has led to private city neglection. What if a similar effect to how gov city warp plots were all the hype were to happen to a private city? How would that make the owner of the city feel? It’d feel as if you are succeeding economically and your city was worth the investment. Lets go back to convenience. If government cities never existed, how would HM have turned out? It would be realistically competitive with business owners competing for the best plots in the best cities. The city owners would be competing to BE the best city. These two work hand in hand. Convenience is not always a good thing, because it can take away from the server’s purpose. When people rely too much on one thing, like using warps, it is wasted opportunity for economic growth. The harsh reality is is that the server is too easy - too easy to make money, too easy to buy land in the wild and start up a business. Why is this a bad thing? Because there is in return no demand when it is so extreme. Apartment industry is dead. Why? Anyone with half a brain would see how financially smarter it is to buy wild land instead where you dont follow a landlord’s rules and have limited space in every dimension. Everyone wanted to buy a government city shop so that their shops get the most traffic. Who is buying the blocks? People who want to build more factories or more government city plots, and its and endless loop that will eventually lead to demand. Very little people would be spending their money on other ventures. Those ventures aren’t economically driven, and are a very small percentage I would imagine. This would include people building structures just because of their creativity or imagination. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn’t be the only other reason for demand in these stores. We remove warps, now see the demand? People will build airports, train stations, nether tunnels, all sorts of infrastructure. Private cities now need to be built, since they are what will replace the way you used to get to the government cities. I know we have too many private cities right now, but when they are given an actual purpose, People will give a conscious effort into making them. It’s also harder to start a private city than it was before, but once you do, you are rewarded with less price per block. So what is the point? We want less dead private cities with nothing but apartments, we want private cities that are based on economic investment. Sorry for the essay I’m just trying to explain my reasoning. Kudos if you read all of this, it’s just my thought process of it all.


I believe this will complicate things for players and make it very difficult for new players to move around.

I dont think this is fair either, private cities already received a HUGE help with /warp airport. Now gov cities and private are accessible at the same level, you just do warp airport and can choose where to go. Before that update private cities were difficult to reach and much more difficult if you are a new player.

If this were to be approved it will be unfair for people that invested in gov cities.

I believe its best to leave it as it is, gov and private cities with warp airport are all the same in terms of how fast can it be reached. If you not receiving traffic in your city then find ways or make something that will bring that traffic to you.

I’m saying this becuase my understanding of this post is that “let’s remove warp airport to benefit more private cities and make it more challenging to move around” which I dont agree with.

Ok. People want more players, which requires player retention, which requires an economy dynamic that is actually realistic and fun (our economy is broken rn) , and people dont like the hard actions we have to take that stimulates the economy and gets people spending. Why arent staff advertising the server people ask? Well what is it are we advertising? Because we have fallen so far from what first sparked an influx of players. Our server isnt entertaining anymore except to our regular players.


The possibility of leaving /warp c dxistst

There is no reason for government cities to be more important than private cities. /warp a exists as an international airport and players have spent time and effort to boost their cities to enough of a tier to achieve airport status. Many cities are more developed that most government cities in various ways.

Also, player experience is more important here and each city brings its own aesthetic and community. Increasing opportunities for players will help a “city server” to be just that. It has always been a city server first, economy second (and an important second).

Accessibility to cities increases economic opportunities and we need to encourage not gamify this too much.

I don’t think the intentions are genuine, although I think this is at least trying to present it as an idea to see what players actually think. Players have actually gotten used to the set-up, especially new players and it is working.

Whether the intention is to drive up the cost of gov city plots again or some false sense of nostalgia, it isn’t a solution to the player count. Supply and demand is the issue with plot prices and yes supply has drastically increased for now but player count is the factor when it comes to demand and how best Gov/Private City Mayors sell their cities in-game.

So, emphatically I would say keep /warp a. You can do the suggestions of increasing train stations and that is already being done. That is value of private cities working together, especially when the Transportation Department tends to work against private cities when it isn’t inactive.


Warp C? Warp C brings you to the airport.

New players already come on and leave because they are so confused about how to get around. I just don’t see how it could be in the community’s best interest to make it even harder than it is to move about the server.


warp c is how you get to helloclan, warp a is how to get to the airport

so unconfused new players < making private cities more attractive investments?

I think private cities are an attraction at this point. If you have a nice city and a good layout with all the systems in place such as airport, subways, etc anyone would wanna go there probably.
I have been working on Ashford, which has been pretty dead since I last played I think and already I have almost every superstore moving in so something we are doing is working to increase the popularity of private cities.

If no one is staying cause its confusing no city can become more popular or active. It’s people that make cities attractive but we don’t really have ppl to live in the cities cause we don’t retain many players.


Warp c and warp a are the same things right now. Tried it earlier. I don’t see why warp a would be removed but warp c stay.

we should remove all works, but keep the suburbs warp.