A suggestion

I have a suggestion
It’s nice to see the new staff rules and the staff team trying to improve the server, but I think it would be good to have a clearer set of rules regarding the unban/appeal system.
For example, I think circumstances were an appeal can be instantly rejected without a vote should be set out.
I also think rules for staff on what information and data they should base their vote on.
There should also just be more clarification on the whole staff unban voting system.

These are just my opinions/suggestions feel free to agree/disagree, I don’t mind.

  • Chickenfarm

Edit: I also think we should have a category on the forum for questions under the community tab

These staff rules are not new, they were always available on the old forums. They were re-made available on these. As we have stated many times, the current server rules on the forums are 5+ years old, and are currently being updated. We can look into further clarifying the unban/appeal system if we believe it is not already clear enough.

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ok thanks