2023 summer market applications

Its that time of year again. For those who dont remember summer markets are an annual event on HM. Cities apply and staff chooses a city who will host the event. The city who is chosen to host is required to provide an event area along with rental stalls, or a mall like area for any player to be given a free stall for the duration of the summer. In exchange for this the city gets its own warp or tp npc for the event duration. In the past summer markets have ranged from 2 weeks to a month. Usually I would make a very pretty post and announcement topic however im going to let cities who are qualified, post their applications below and staff will consider, we will then choose a winner and work with them on requirements to open the event. Contact me if you have other questions. One city will be chosen.

Requirements for a city to host are low eyesore count, lots of plots for sale and an area for summer market stalls.

City Name:
Tier: optional
Screenshot of where you want to host the event or coords: (optional)
Why your city should get the event:

City Name: West City.
Tier: Gov :joy:

Why your city should get the event: Why not? :smiling_face_with_tear:

City Name: Dubai
Tier: Tier 2
Screenshot of where you want to host the event or coords:

Concept map (but open to anything)

Why your city should get the event:

Aya and I have been working on this area for over a year. I spent hours terraforming this area when I saw this post. I think its the perfect place to put a summer market. I really think Dubai deserves to host it this year.

Its also a breath of fresh air as normal summer markets are just square roads. On the other hand, if we had this layout where it wraps around the beach, it feels so unique. Instead of having concrete roads, you can walk on sand. As you walk the summer market, you can actually get a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline.

I also think its wise to host it here, since people are only getting to know Dubai once it got added to /warp a. It would be a great way to really carve its name in stone. A lot like when Qatar got to host the FIFA world cup.

We’ve also been super active the past few weeks, and can work with staff on what the summer market can look like. It would definitely be a lot easier to communicate.

I think I may have put all my eggs in one basket with this opportunity, but I think its worth it and the summer market should be ours.

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I am personally approving archendale as the summer market for this year.

This year there were two private city applicants: I am choosing Archendale over Dubai because of a larger project area and wider plan. Dubai is a great city however at the end of the day Archendale submitted a larger area with a themed fishing village and shrine attached, and hopefully a mini key boss fight.

I know Archendale should have submitted their application here rather than DM’ing me, however this topic was probably buried and I was unable to post it myself.

They will be receiving a warp for the duration of the summer market as payment after significant progress to the event area is built.

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