When will players be able to buy cities?

Just wondering when people will be allowed to buy cities again :smiley: thx

As in like, buying an inactive one? I don’t think there’s been anything preventing you from doing that or creating one.
Update: Question answer from NYCEmpire

You currently aren’t allowed to buy inactive cities since there is a hold on it rn.


yup, and no explanation to staff. yet another thing we have had 0 communication about

Yeah why let active players buy cities right let’s keep them dead. Makes sense if you don’t think about it

Not only inactive private cities, the Gov owns A TON of plots in all gov cities that were evicted but they still refuse to auction them even after holding them for 1-3 years. Its time for the Gov to auction those plots, it will be great just like the HH auction post.


I’ll ask city dept for ya