Vienna Grief

Hello Admins,
I was wondering if someone would be able to rollback some damage from my town Vienna. I made a huge mistake in adding people to the region instead of making separate plots in order to not bug the admins every time I needed to create a new plot. Anyways the damage is all over the town and I was wondering if someone would be able to rollback the entire region from about 2 months. I found a command that should be able to fix everything.

  1. Please tp to x: 1540 Y: 66 z: -4341 (There should be a stone pillar
  2. Find ztg’s full ign (I could not remember it)
    Copy this command:
    /co rollback u: (user) t:45d r:300
    Thanks for you time,
    If the command doesn’t work please /mail me and I will find another work around.
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Taken care of.
User responsible was ZTGN0 typically that would qualify as a greif ban but since they havent joined in over a month and a half and have no assets/money I highly doubt they will ever come back anyways so I dont see a ban necessary for a whole topic. Let us know if there are any other issues.

ZTGN0 was banned 3 days ago for griefing.


works for me

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Thanks for everything, the command worked and I removed ZTG from the town in order to prevent this from happening again.

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