Unable to join on Java for a while so bare with me if you need a helpme

Heya everyone,
As some of you might know I’ve been playing Minecraft on a Chromebook for years. Everything went relatively fine but after yet another crash during a helpme I decided to take up Aya’s advice to install some mods to reduce client side lag. However it didn’t work out so I decided to reset my Chromebook to try with a clean slate resulting in me suddenly being unable to run Minecraft at all.

So for now I’ll have to join on Bedrock if I want to play HM, I do this on my Nintendo Switch which works fine it just is a nightmare to type out things on it.
So if you see me online and need a helpme keep in mind that helpmes requiring a lot of typing (like making/deleting regions) will take me ages. Helpmes like unlocking chests and such will be fine.

In the meanwhile I’m trying to get Minecraft Java to work again with the help of Aya’s knowledge of Linux lol.

Yours truly,
The ruler of Hell