(Suggestion) Shrinking the server map dramatically or something else to help economy

I realized that one of the economic issues with this server is that everything is so spread out. In economics, there is a term called agglomeration where regional centers of development form where companies of the same industries choose to build and develop increasing their productivity overall. In this sense, we would have development by concentrating development in the central and bottom south areas of the map since these already have the highest concentration of industries. Here are the benefits in my opinion.

  1. Reduces lag - Taking away huge parts of the map will help server performance overall since there won’t be that many chunks to deal.

  2. Increases retail and competition - By concentrating retail in closer areas, there is more competition and more development since stores have to directly compete with each other since they are in closer proximity. This would mean more stocking and more variety of stock

  3. Fills in empty cities and plots in the area - Walking around Central Helloclan City, Sunville, Argos, Montego, etc. there is a lot of empty plots and empty space in general in the region that could be filled in if development was just concentrated in the area. If this area somehow became fully developed, then the map would be expanded but in general, the server is to empty it seems even in the center and priority should be filling it in there rather than 1000s of blocks out.

These are just some of the pros of doing this and there are probably a lot more and are probably more things that would need to be done to make this happen but I think this could be a benefit to the economy.

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Low key agree but people would complain about losing their stuff.

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The only way we can sustainably do this is if we move to a new map, the terrain around spawn is too greifed and full of useless regions for anyone to use.


While I do agree about your points regarding agglomeration, I mean it’s hard to disagree, it’s common accepted economic theory, it’s easier said than done.

There just isn’t really a fair way to do this. It’s easy to say reduce the map but have you seen the map? We can’t just poof millions of city development out of existence without pissing off the community. I agree with Ultra, the only sustainable way to do this would be a new map.

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Maybe decrease the number of airports by having players need to pay a monthly fee to have one or be active a certain amount of time and if they don’t pay the city loses the airport. That will at least shutdown the inactive cities.

We tried having “featured” airports in the past, with requirements such as featuring cities with plots for sale within walking distance of the airport… a subway and no eyesores… but that didnt really help much, we kinda need to look into making cities the focus of HM, not a side feature. We need a way for city owners to make profit somehow.