[Suggestion] Fix store.hellominers.com

The HelloMiners store can be accessed via the “Store” button in the centre of the top panel on forums. Unfortunately, when clicking this link, Safari (web browser) notifies the user of suspicious activity coming from the link. When accessing the store via the browser search function, it’s still using the old design and is generally suspicious.
This will discourage users from buying products like nicknames and premium. And if these warnings from my browser are true, it may harm the bank accounts of people regularly being charged for HM premium.

So my suggestion is to fix the site or create a new one entirely. Simple as that.

  • Beak

There’s a new store upcoming up :wink:

Unfortunately, with the exception of Luc, none of us can access the store, making this trickier than we’d like.


I’ve reached out to tedde regarding the security issue. In our buycraft site settings it shows we have the SSL certificate, however obviously the website itself shows otherwise. Hopefully we can get this sorted asap. As for the design - now that I have found where to access the files, this will be in the pipeline.

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