Rundown on Plans for Activity

Hey all,

Great to be back (on a small note, I’m glad all of my previous topics got wiped)! This isn’t exactly a complete suggestion. It is more so in order to get a rundown on the current operations from administration that now, with a totally functional forums, we are able to move towards to ensure that we get back to a more active server that we have had in years prior. I have made the suggestion of discord partnerships with different servers that could get players connected with our official discord server who are interested in the topic of a Minecraft vanilla economy server. This partnership can be with different servers to advertise them, and in effect, advertise us, or with other discord communities that would enjoy some sort of eco community like this. I’m sure this would produce some sort of beneficial effect on activity and wouldn’t create anything adverse. Overall, I’m just checking in on this because I’ve heard about the developments that would happen if we had this up and running.



I believe they’re doing this with the Helloclan EU server, but I hope this will expand!

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Messaged you on Discord about this

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This is not a vanilla economy server anymore, not with slimefun & half the other crap added in the last few years…

Not sure why you’re so against slimefun, it really saved the economy (or at least for now) and a lot of the items are just really nifty and useful. Playing without my elevator plates would make running apartments such a pain in the ass and the Slimefun foods add a lot of roleplay possibilities.



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I agree, despite being quite knowledgeless in slimefun and incapable to try to get something going in the slimefun world, it expands on the market a lot and adds lots of helpful options. I rarely use SF and I don’t believe you need to rely on SF at all to have a good experience on the server.


Yeah, I saw it. It’s not exactly possible for me to do anything due to how a partnership would operate, so this can be more so for other ways of regaining that activity that we previously had, or getting somewhere close to it.