Round Up - 1st Session of the Player Senate (July 2022)

It has been a pleasure to have founded and help grow the new Player Senate over the past three months.

As some of you may know the Player Senate is made up of city representatives, appointed by the owners of each city or by election. Additionally we have a number of independent senators as well that represent players not associated with a city.

Over the three months since its founding we have put forward some great ideas to improve the server on behalf of the players. Our focus has been to collectively show what we as players support to help provide constructive feedback for staff so change can be made for the better.

Some of the ideas/motions the senate has supported so far are as follows:

  • Government Warps - Bringing back warps for government city airports to reduce steps to get to front rows via taxis.
  • Gov City Plot Restrictions - Preventing oligopolies in government cities by restricting the number of city plots that can be bought up by the richest players.
  • Senate Reform - Making sure senators can only represent 1 city per player giving other players the opportunity to put themselves forwards as reps.
  • The War Act - Adding military bases to cities with PVP arenas with the opportunity for other cities to capture.
  • Player Bank Accounts - Bringing back banks, adding accounts so players can save money without losing balance due to trades.
  • Rent Notice Period - To update rules to give landlords the ability to serve notice, which will help owners looking to renovate buildings.
  • Updating Gold/Gov Plot Rules - Making it clearer which plots are gold plots and what can be owned i.e. 1 gold plot and 1 non-gold plot per warp/subwarp.
  • New Player Senate Area - We now have a floor in the Gov City HQ with an area to meet, offices, our senate lounge and archives.

Hopefully many of these changes that senators have put forward can be implemented and we look forward to working further with staff in the future to bring about more change and take forward your views.


I like the ideas but we need to focus on bigger things that will attract new players for the server right now. I personally feel that there should be less restrictions on gov plots, and we should maybe have easier access to government cities as the plot market is HM’s biggest selling point, and its dead.

Rent notice, all that, when we go to 1.19 areashop will be replaced by a more in depth plugin so we will have more options for players through that.

Honestly gold plots should literally have gold corners and we should have tiered plots in gov cities, like gold/silver/bronze plots that are marked with 3 blocks in each corner on the border.

Player bank accounts - no. banknotes did this and people duped them and squirreled money away in hoppers at y0.

War act is cool but we would need a massive mobilization of players to get it designed and done.

Not much I disagree with you on that from my perspective. The player bank accounts was more about a savings account through a plugin than currency though. It has been great staff supporting and getting involved with the senate even if not everything can be implemented.

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