Raising Admin Shop S dramatically on all items

Title says it all.

The server has to many people who are all within the same range forsal wise. The problem is that there is also a lack in ability to make absolutely large quantities of money relatively quickly like in the past which has caused people who are inactive to not see the rate of decline they should have dealt with. Its very demotivating and you can tell how the economy is based on the declining numbers on the player count and for the first time in what seems like forever, a decline in rare prices.

By raising admin shop prices and perhaps mh, the rate of new money will flood in and reward those who are active. We will also see large projects resume on the server as people will be more comfortable spending 100k+ on builders and millions on new developments which disproportionally help new player jobs. Idk why we are so afraid of new money creation. If the economy gets to hot or money becomes to inactive because of it (which it is rn in this deflationary climate) prices can always be changed or things implemented to drain money via more ideas like the casino.

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with both grinding and cargo port, you can make over 30-50k a day, i dont think raising the amount you can make a day is really necessary ;-; the main problem currently (in my opinion) is the lack of new players, which is being worked on :smiley: