Paradise Hills Interior Design Centre - IDC

Hello all!
Paradise Hills has a new public building for those who are interested of interior design. The building has 30 showrooms available for interior designers to make a sample of their interior design skills for others to see.

All showroom spaces are 8 blocks high, 16 blocks wide and 11 blocks deep. All designs must include a back wall, both side walls, a ceiling and a floor + all of the other interior elements. The corridor side has to remain open. Designers will have memberships to the showroom regions while they are building.

If you want me to give a showroom membership to you, contact me through forums, in game or discord. Also tell me if you want a particular space or if you have a name for your design. You’ll have about two weeks to finish the design once you have occupied a showroom.

Coordinates: x-1113, z 2234




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