New Forums Suggestions

I’ll make it simple and easy.

1 - Remove all the Social Media links from the upper right of the page for a cleaner view

2 - If the shortcut links for Rules, Map, Market, Jobs, Store were changed put in a Sidebar, that would be incredible as there’s a bug in the Mobile Version/PC Version

3 - Add more features to the New Topic Creator

4 - Maybe better light mode layout as it sucks now?

5 - More “Optional Tags” or the ability to put custom tags for a topic.

The Mobile version of the website → here

In main page, there are two main lists. Category & Latest, why not making them both align with each other as the Latest is taller than the Category list in the page (Nicer Look).

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Allow users to change privacy settings for things in the Summary Page or any Privacy setting in general.

1 - We want them to be in a place that’s obvious and easy to find.
2 & 3 - Don’t think this is possible without some more complicated plugins. (Things like this may be added in future.)
4 - What’s wrong with the light mode layout? It’s the same as dark mode?
5 - You are able to add 3 tags for a topic, although certain categories/subcategories are limited to certain tags.

The forum software comes pre-made, we can change certain things but it is not 100% customizable to make some of the changes people might want.

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1 - Make a poll then for them, they are just some extras on the top of the page and now it looks messy with all these links and clicks

2 - Don’t think that needs a “Complicated Plugin” that’s a basic thing in every forum engine

3 - Yeah you are right, this needs time, updates, etc…

4 - Either remove light mode and just make it dark or make a new light mode layout which will change the main colors of the page, otherwise will look dumb (buttons while, page gray and background kinda dark in light mode)

5 - Yeah just add more tags to each category.

6 - No reply? Anyways I am pretty sure it’s possible to edit the limit of topics showing for that one

7 - Again, if updates is required for this it’s good np.

Also is the replies button broken? Whenever I reply it doesn’t show for whom this reply is or even the chat icon in New Topic/Reply box doesn’t work.

Reply button definitely isn’t broken.

Out of curiosity, what browser (including version) are you using? Discourse will apparently start having an aneurysm with older browsers.

Tested both latest versions of Chrome and Safari same results.

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Make the off-topic sub-forum in Community Category.

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