New Forums Suggestions [Mobile Version]

Another simple and easy suggestions list for the Mobile Version of Forums.

Link to Desktop Version → here

1 - Since there are a lot of links in the Heading of the page, only HM Logo, Map, Discord, Search, 3 tap list which includes (latest, new, etc…), and profile Logo are showing. So that means Rules, Market, Jobs, Store are not showing, even though you can go to them browsing deeply in forums but it doesn’t look nice like that, I am suggesting a sidebar list for the Mobile Version of the page for Rules, Map, Market, Jobs, and Store.

2 - The layout doesn’t look pretty good in Mobile Version, it’s bigger than it should be and that’s because it’s automatically done by the website Engine mostly, so please update it if possible.

3 - Overall the general look of the website on Mobile (even smaller screens) looks big, so if it is possible to make everything a little bit smaller to fit well on Mobile Version it will be good.

This is more like of issues in the Mobile version as you can find more general suggestions in the main suggestion topic here

Pictures for some issues
Imgur Link