Move spawn back to where it was

Currently, new players after finishing the tutorial spawn at airport. If we’re going to move this, the location either needs plots sold very quickly to build stuff on, or we need to move it back to where it was.

There are 3 fixes:

  • Move Spawn Back
  • Rename the Spawn Building and sell plots near the airport for rentable houses (so players can easily find places to live)
  • Move spawn to River City’s airport, as it has actually got history to speak of itself.
  • Make a GUI come up, asking the player where they wish to start on HelloMiners (Choice between Airport, HelpHub or HelloClan City).

Edit: Added River City as an idea


orr I propose a more interesting rp-style entry to the server, where you start out in the airport as if you’ve landed. nothing major just 1-2 mins as an introduction, something like you’d see in other videogames. the spawn would generally not be visited again so its fine

This was fixed.