Ironball Stadium Rules

Stadium Rules

  • A field cannot have an even-numbered sized side.

  • The recommended length of an ironball field ranges anywhere from 39-55 blocks.

  • The recommended width of an ironball field ranges anywhere from 25-33 blocks.

  • The required height of the goal is at least 4 blocks tall.

  • The required width of the goal is 5 blocks wide (that means 5 air blocks).

  • To make your field as realistic as possible to a football pitch, Make the length to width ratio around 1.54.

    • Example field sizes of this ratio: 39x25, 41x27, 45x29, 47x31, 51x33
  • Redstone Lamps attached to tripwires which detect the iron golem 1 block after the goal line. It should be 3 blocks high above the ground.

  • Sub-regions possibly needed:

    • Tripwire regions containing the string in both goals with ‘block-break deny’

    • Midfield region with ‘mob-spawning allow’ (make sure the midfield is lit up so that hostile mobs don’t spawn)

    • An encompassing region that includes the whole field with ‘damage-animals allow’

  • Teams in a non-city/wild region can be granted mob-spawning deny on their stadium around the time of the match.

  • Make sure your stadium is accessible to non-staff, so that anyone can get there on their own (nether portal, airport, highway).