Ironball Game Rules

Game Rules

  • A traditional match is 10 minutes long, and has two halves.

  • The clock starts when the golem is first touched off of the kickoff.

  • The clock is stopped when a goal is scored, a timeout is called, or the golem dies.

  • The game can be forfeited immediately by a team that is 10 goals behind.

  • The game will be forfeited immediately by a team that scores 3 own goals.

  • Players must stand on or before the white goal line before the countdown reaches “Go”.

  • A goal happens when the iron golem entity crosses the white goal line, into the block the tripwire is set up.

  • Each team has two timeouts, which can only be called when they have the ball on their opponent’s side. To call a timeout, type in chat “time”, “timeout”, or “TO”.

  • Spectators interfering with the ball or the game during play will be banned until the end of the match.

  • If two players appear to score a goal, the goal is given to the player closer to the ball.

  • An own goal is given to the opposing team player that last hit the golem.