[Horizon Awards V] Nominations

Since I’ve lost access to the original form, all nominations from 25 September 2021 will have to be posted here using this format.

General Company:
Service Company:
Misc. Company:
Most Popular Player:
Best City:
Best Media:
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General Company: Reed Inc (Homo_oboe)
Service Company: Phoenix Airways (grinbear)
Non-Profit: Hm City Dept (cake and 4k are regulators)
Misc. Company: The Forsalist (satan)
Most Popular Player: ayalaandtal
Best City: Sadly i cant pick alexandria, so hopefully i can get that favor returned, so Bayview
Best Media: HelloMiners - Modern City Roleplaying Server Join Now! 1.17.1 IP in description - YouTube

Nominations have closed at 4:15PM GMT+1