is returning this summer/fall is returning this fall, better than ever. The website has been neglected for a while which is a shame because it has always been a project with great potential.
In HMG 3.0 you’ll see:

  • brand new layout
    • more useful functions for user accounts like being able to make your own posts / quizzes on a front-end user-friendly interface.
  • Online shopping and banking like Icentipay once had. Open to any store.
    • Ability for Real Estate companies and City owners to sell plots and buildings online.
  • Ability for publishers like The Osiris Record and Casu Marzu to publish on HMGuide and charge subscription fees.
    • Lastly, HMCSM has come under ownership of HMG, we haven’t figured out yet how but we’ll try to integrate the HMCSM into HMG as well so people can finally trade stocks again.

I’m also looking into adding

  • discord login
  • creating a rares database
  • making content on how to use Slimefun which won’t just benefit the server but also HMGuide as it would bring in lots of traffic from Google (which could later translate into people joining HM).

If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know.


This sounds great!

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I cant wait for it to return. I enjoyed the old articles that were posted on the old website.

Also, another outlet for the Hellonati to spread false information on? :thinking: