General Apology

Right. I was writing an apology earlier as part of my report to myself - but staff was contacted after I overreacted in aya’s dms - so this serves as my public apology.

In short - I fucked up. In long - I fucked up using an spam bot and overreacting about this war. Everyone banned from any Horizon Enterprises Discords (HEA, Horizon Insider, Horizon Awards, Cytra City, Horizon Designs, etc.) has also been direct messaged on discord with a message containing invtes to the servers, and an direct apology. This serves as a generic public apology.

When I was writing the original less than 5 minutes ago-or-so: I was saying that I will accept any punishment I face. To only face an verbal warning surprises me, but I shall accept it. This is just to apologise to anyone who was annoyed/affected by the user I created to trollspam. I’ve decided not to delete the user, but keep it for non-malicious intent such as bot testing, and as a backup account in case my main discord goes.

Again, apologies. The people affected directly that I know of will be Direct Messaged on Discord.

Thank you for understanding. I do not know where this leaves me and the community, but I do genuinely want to become a better person.

So, I don’t want forgiveness directly. I just want you to know that I made a mistake, and that I apologize for it. If you have any questions - please ask a HM Staff Member as I want to directly move on from this now, and let go of this while keeping forefront to avoid repeating this mistake.

Thank you for understanding,

P.S: Why won’t I be suprised that this will become a meme?

P.S.S: I’ll probably make fun of my ‘younger self doing’ this in 2 years time.