[Contest] Spring Screenshot Competition

Happy spring everybody, as winter comes to a close I want to kick things off with yet another contest for everybody to compete in. Players will be encouraged to seek out great spring themed photos! You can stage your pictures with some awesome vehicles, custom heads, armor stands, shaders or anything you like really! We look forwards to seeing your creations!

Screenshots will be judged based on the amount of likes your post receives on the forums players who use bots or rig the contest in their favor will be disqualified. Staff reserve the right to disqualify a photo for any reason. Deadline for submissions is March 31st 2023. If a tie, staff will decide.

Photos should be spring themed.
Shaders is optional however is recommended.
1 (one) screenshot will be allowed per player. If multiple screenshots are submitted, the first one will qualify.
Gifs are allowed.
Screenshots may be shared or posted on HM social media feeds such as Instagram, twitter or elsewhere.

1st: F5000
2nd: F2500
3rd: F1250
Participation: 1000f

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