[BUYING] Private city plots, close to airport.

I am wanting to buy some private city plots that are close(ish) to their airport, I’m expanding my concrete and other materials retail business. Let me know if you have any for sale! (including any future cities)

i have a 32x20 plot right opposite the OC airport. I’d want a good price for it.

I have a good 2nd row plot in Archendale for sale, Idk if it needs a redesign but if you want to sell a lot of stuff yes it will. 2nd plot to the right after going outside from airport (2nd row) with StackInc sign on it.

Discord Abod#2042

I have a second row Archendale plot and a front row Silverlake plot. Both by airports.

Lemme take a look and I’ll get back to you!

Which buildings are they so I can take a look?

Afraid I’ve already got an OC one!

I have two front row Avara airport plots for sale.