Admin Commands

This forum post is to document frequently used commands for specific admin tasks. Still WIP

Setting up city nether tunnels

  • //Copy and //paste a railway stop from another city tunnel to the new tunnel
  • 2 blocks above the ground (pillar up), above the button of the railway stop, do:
    • /tp ~ ~ ~
    • /holograms create CityTunnel
    • /holograms setline CityTunnel 1 &8&l|&6⚜&8&l| &5&lCity &8&l|&6⚜&8&l|
      (change the symbol and city name + their colors, the vertical bars remain bold and gray)
  • At every neighboring intersection of the government tunnel the city tunnel connects to, as well as at /warp netherhub, look for the “Ahead” hologram and do:
    • /holograms near 5
    • /holograms addline [N/S/E/W Tunnel 1/2/3 etc.] &5&lCity